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December 2006 - LETS KEEP IT LIGHT.

Good Morning - Just our monthly newsletter.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS, with our warmest thanks for your loyalty and confidence during the past year. Everyone in our organization wishes you and your loved ones a most joyous holiday season and a very safe and happy New Year.

 CFO to C/M :
"We need to plan for our bad debt write-off reserve soon. We have to submit our financials as to where to place our money."
 C/M to CFO :
"This year, let's put our money into money, not aged A/R."

STATEMENT - With debtors using only cell phones and moving more, finding the right person to collect from can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, that is why commercial collection agencies are indispensable
James S./Plano, Tx.

OBSERVATION - Even if you do learn to speak correct English, whom are you going to speak it to ?

DO :
 1. Frame everything in a positive manner.
 2. Help people visualize actions they will take.
 3. Know how to use the power words: No, Why, Because.
 4. Articulate well, make yourself easy to understand.
 5. Use tone of voice for emphasis or to impart meaning.

 1. Be argumentative, putting the debtor on the defensive.
 2. Mention lawsuits, suing or anything that could be interpreted as implying a suit.
 3. Use profanity.
Anthony R./New York

STATEMENT - The key for our firm is to control costs and get a better collection solution, We always refer our claims to a commercial collection agency/law firm, at exactly 101 days.
Smiley Q/Denver, Co

As we said, SHORT AND SWEET.
Thank you for your continuing interest in our firm. We are dedicated to providing the best service we can, and always in the best interest of our clients. REMEMBER, your best interest is our best interest.


Sincerely, Don Andrews,
President, CEO.

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