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November 2006 - Collection "DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?"
Good Morning - Just our monthly collection news letter. We have received numerous emails from our client base to publish the Q&A's from our database to CCRC. We think it is a wonderful idea, because it applies to all of us. The Q's will be published nameless and the A's will be addressed by the appropriate department heads to which the Q's are addressed.
If you want to write a letter to the editor, write a helpful hint article, or generally opine, feel free to write in to express your opinions, help to other C/M's, Comptrollers, Treasurers and other Financial Services, etc., we will be your sounding board.

Q1. When do you feel it is appropriate to place a claim for collection?
Timothy P./Dayton, Ohio

A1. With most Credit Managers, it is usually a seat-of-your-pants determination, as well it should be, because you best know your clients payment history. But, as a purely analytical question, we feel that a 90/10 formula, is the correct one. Wait your 90 days, send a 10 days demand letter and make your placement at 100 days. It would help your DSO, it would get you're A/R into play, sooner rather than later than just waiting for payment, annoying yourself, waiting for payment, which may or may not be paid. REMEMBER, the longer a debt remains unpaid, the greater the chance it will never be paid. Your dollar depreciates every month it is not paid. One dollar, depreciated over the course of one year, is valued at 31 cents, a loss of 69%. Can your firm justify that kind of percentage loss, YOU DO THE MATH.
F.Ackerman,mgr, placement dept.

Q2. When do you determine to litigate and under what circumstances?
Arnold R./Tampa, Fla.

A2. When all of our multiplicity of collection techniques fail. No movement in the collection process, when we reach an impasse, when they do not dispute the claim, when they fail to negotiate, in good faith, a payment plan, etc. We do an asset search to determine whether our judgement can be levied and enforced. We must bring the debtor account to the table, on behalf of our client. Once a summons and complaint has been filed, our statistics show approximately 60% respond positively, at that point in time, and know that we are serious in our collection efforts, on behalf of our client.
N.Kane, mgr, legal dept.

Please consider our last collection newsletter of October 2006 and address your year end write-offs earlier, rather than later, for your SANITY.
Thank you for your continuing interest in our firm. We are dedicated to providing the best service we can, and always in the best interest of our clients.

Sincerely, Don Andrews,
President, CEO.

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