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October 2006 - Collection "WORDS TO THE WISE"

Good Morning - Just our monthly collection news letter. We hope everything is well with your accounts receivable. We are rapidly approaching the last quarter of the year, in which decisions must be made in regard to potential write offs, delinquent accounts, neglected accounts, and the like. Remember they affect your D.S.O. The sooner these accounts are addressed, the easier your fiscal closing, at the end of the calendar year, will be. If your fiscal closing does not correspond to the end of the calendar year, the same principal applies of utilizing the entire quarter to your advantage. Rather than rushing the last week or so, for adjudication of your troubled accounts, give yourself enough time to effectively and individually resolve them. Remember, TIME is MONEY. The holiday season, closing your books, writing reviews, projections, can be very stressful, at a stressful time in a stressful business environment. I know that many of us, in our industry, have been there, and will continue to be there, but there is an alternative. To address that problem, you can either decide to jump in, full force and resolve these problems now, rather than let it build up and become a major headache, especially when all reports, forecasts, bad debt reserves, bad debt write offs, etc., are due. A word to the wise, address it immediately, if possible, and you will be better served at your fiscal close, with a more objective and efficient approach. We have assisted thousands of current and former clients with this recurring potential problem. If we can assist you, in any way, please contact us at your earliest convenience. If you would like C.C.R.C. to answer any questions you may have concerning the following categories, please email us with your questions and concerns.
  1. CCRC's 6 step skip tracing technique.
  2. CCRC's opinion on the defeat of frivolous FDCPA lawsuits.
  3. CCRC's use of private investigations as an approach to skip tracing.
  4. CCRC's opinion of the best of high end collection software.
  5. CCRC's opinion of bankruptcy reform.
Thank you for your continuing interest in our firm. We are dedicated to providing the best service we can, and always in the best interest of our clients.

Sincerely, Don Andrews,
President, CEO.

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